Customizable Pet Products Can Make the Perfect Gift

What more could your pet ask for? By: howliekat

Pet lovers tend to be a bit fanatical about their animals. This makes it easy for friends and family to get them and their pets the perfect gifts.

Customizable pet products are a great gift for anyone who loves their pet, and there is a wide range of options when it comes to items and price.


Customizable I.D. tags make a great and practical gift or purchase. You can get information about your pet — such as their address, name and phone number of the pet parent — engraved on the tag, helping ensure a swifter return, should your pet escape.

In fact, I personally have come across 3 separate loose dogs in the last year and returned them home because they had a tag, sparing the dogs’ humans from hours of worry and police involvement.

As a bonus, these tend to be fairly inexpensive.


Not all pets are the type who go outdoors — some smaller pets, like ferrets, rabbits, birds, rodents and exotics, are strictly indoor, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel the fresh breeze on their faces, courtesy of an outdoor enclosure.

There are several options for cage or enclosure customization. From size to color to accessories, these enclosures can be optimized to your or your smaller pet’s satisfaction. A custom enclosure will ensure you’re meeting their needs and making them happy.


If you’ve ever thought your pet deserves a book of their own, well, you’re right. You can have a children’s storybook printed that stars your pets from Petventures.

This makes a great gift for adults and children. And your pet might like hearing you read a story all about them.

A custom name tag is cute and functional. By: mikefoster

Cookie Cutters

Who doesn’t love a good cookie? Pets and people alike will love this cute gift – a cookie cutter that can be customized to look like your pet.

How awesome is that?


There are millions of options when it comes to customized bedding for pets. Even bearded dragons can get their own unique blanket created just for them.

Beds, blankets, pillows and more can all be customized for your pets according to their needs or preferences.


A plethora of sites offer pet toys of all shapes and sizes that can be customized for your pets, including:

  • Toys that make noise
  • Engraved toys
  • Embroidered toys

When shopping, keep safety in mind; avoid toys with easily detachable small parts to prevent choking.

Get a custom cat tree for your best feline buddy. By: atticus895

Grooming Tools

Even horses have customizable products made just for them — in this case, a set of grooming tools engraved with their name and other information.

You can even order a custom holder for the brushes to keep them safe.


Feeding time can be messy, so many people use placemats under pet bowls to help catch spills.

Customized pet placemats are great because they’re useful and stylish. They make a great and inexpensive gift for the pets and pet lovers in your life.


Some pets need a little extra covering when they go outdoors. Shorthaired or smaller breeds in particular have a tough time staying warm and dry.

As a result, people often purchase jackets and rain coats to help keep their pets comfortable when toileting. These coats can be customized to the particular pet and make a practical addition to their wardrobe.

Fun accessories, such as bow ties, are available as well.


Every pet needs a towel, no matter how tidy they are!

Having a customized towel is fun and it also helps people keep pet towels separate from people towels. Nobody likes drying off after a shower and getting covered with dog hair, am I right?

OK, this is pretty neat:


There is nothing more difficult for animal lovers than losing a beloved pet. A wide range of memorial items can help honor and remember your pet. This garden stone is a beautiful example of a tribute to a life well lived.

Whether you’re in the mood to pamper your pet a little, looking for a gift for a fellow pet lover or wanting to memorialize a special life, there are plenty of unique options out there to choose from.

Happy shopping!

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