Kittens Rescued Along With Their Cat Mom, Cuddle Their Way into Loving Home

Two little kittens who were born to a stray cat mom, cuddled their way into their forever home.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Sprinkles a rescue stray and her three kittens were found near the Oregon border and rescued by Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS, in Lynnwood, Washington).

The mama needed a place to raise her kittens, and that’s when Ashely (Seattle based foster @youngestoldcatlady) stepped up to help.

One of the kittens (Maple) sadly passed away. Fritter and Coco, the two remaining kittens were cradled by their loving mama cat, who would not leave their side.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Ashley brought food and water to Mama Sprinkles so she would eat while nursing her kittens. When the feline babies started to crawl, she was right there, watching over them every step of the way.

“She often waited till I came in to go potty and eat while I watched the babies,” Ashely added.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Ashley earned the mama’s trust and they began to snuggle together after meal time.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

As the kittens grew bigger, mama gradually let them explore a bit farther while keeping on eye on them at all times.

The two siblings were very close.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

They learned to play together, explored everything in twos and always snuggled with each other when they napped.

Fritter and Coco were like two peas in a pod.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Once they discovered their mischievous side, they began to create all kinds of antics around the house, keeping their foster mom entertained.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

After a lot of playing and scampering around, they would wrap their arms around each other and fall asleep together.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Lounging by the windows, having the time of their lives.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Fritter cuddled up to his sister Coco while she was trying to sleep.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

The two best friends had grown by leaps and bounds and were finally ready for their next chapter in life.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Two weeks ago, they moved into their forever home together, and their mama Sprinkles was also adopted. “Their human parents are totally in love with them and couldn’t be happier,” Ashely said.

Fritter and Coco are now cuddling in a place they call home.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

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