Scaredy Motherless Kitten Has His Life Turned Around With Help From a Furry Crew.

A little odd-eyed kitten came to the shelter in need of a mother. A crew of three cats and a dog banded together to help raise this motherless kitty.

Meet little Hannibal!

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

Hannibal was in need of medical attention when he was brought into the shelter, weighing under two pounds.

Marissa Eudaley used to work at the animal shelter. Before she left, she was looking for her “dream kitten”. A few months later, she got a text from her coworker, saying, “I have your kitten.”

It was Hannibal, a scraggly, long-haired tuxedo with a pair of odd eyes. He was rough around the edges but his caregiver brought him home to foster and it saved his life.

On his way to his forever home!Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

“My coworker fostered him for a few weeks to nurse him back to health,” Marissa told Love Meow.

After Marissa picked him up and took him home, he was terrified with the new surroundings.

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

Marissa’s furry crew (3 cats and a dog) joined forces to help the little fur buddy feel better.

Shortly after he arrived, he was welcomed with a lot of nose kisses and licks.

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

“I have a small dog who also loves cats,” Marissa told Love Meow.

Bonding with his forever human mom!

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

The tuxedo boy’s personality started shining through when he knew that he was loved.

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

“He is mischief given physical form. He has his cuddly moments but is mostly a handful with tons of energy that goes tearing around the apartment at full speed making little battle cries,” Marissa told Love Meow.

Hannibal caught his prey!

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

Hannibal was wearing a “fever coat” when he was little. The coloration was caused by the mother having a fever or stress when she was pregnant.

As he got bigger, he lost his fever coat and his tuxedo colors came through.

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

One of his eyes stayed blue and the other turned yellow completely.

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

He’s now 2.5 years old and still as playful as a kitten.

Growing up, the older cats and dog took him under their wing.

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

They are never far from their little brother.

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

“Hannibal’s favorite thing to do at home is to pick on his siblings (my other cats, all 8+ years old), to get into absolutely everything, and make mischief,” Marissa told Love Meow.

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

A rare family photo of Hannibal and all his four siblings :).

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

Hannibal then as a tiny kitten…

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

Hannibal now, happy and loved!

He’s blossomed into a handsome cat wearing the purrfect tuxedo!

Marissa Eudaley @hannimeow

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Helps mom make the bed.

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